A Star Wars podcast hosted by two long-time friends, Hawes Burkhardt and Will Whitten. Check out the Patreon for even more exclusive content or hop on Twitch to join the fun.
Recent Reviews
"Great podcast that’s mmmm so tasty!"
Really great to hear a podcast hosted by two genuine friends that don’t absolutely HATE each other. A couple of good motivators over here if you ask me.
"Hilarious, epic, fun, huh??!?"
Love this podcast, found it through the High Potion podcast. I will say not knowing how to stain a deck is understandable because we don’t build here so how would we know how to stain? Keep up the great work fellas!
"Irreverent Star Wars Love"
Hawes and Will are two of the funniest Star Wara podcasters out there and this show takes a love of the wars and puts some stank on it! What keeps me coming back time and again to this show is you never know the stuff that’s gonna come up. Keep it clean, boys!
"I absolutely love this show"
Hawes and Will are two of my favorite podcasters out there. It’s so refreshing to listen to a show where the hosts are positive and inclusive and absolutely refuse to pit some Star Wars against other Star Wars. Bravo guys - keep up the great work!
"Simply the best!"
Blue Harvest is my go-to podcast. I love checking in with Hawes and friends, and getting their two-cents on all the happenings in the Star Wars fandom. Easily one of the highlights of my week, especially as we dive into this new era of Boba Fett! Hawes’ easy-going, inclusive, and friendly attitude toward Star Wars fandom is simply the best.
"Best Star Wars podcast out there!"
The best Star Wars podcast, and maybe the best podcast in general I’ve ever listened to. Glad to be apart of the Moisture Farmer Community!-Mr. 100 (Koby)
Keep it up!!!!!!!! @wtfculturepod on Twitter!
"The Best Out There"
I’ve been a Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember. In the past year I realized that none of the podcasts that I listen to are even remotely Star Wars related, so I did some research. If you do a search for Star Wars podcasts you’re always going to get Rebel Force Radio as a result. Are they good? Yes, absolutely. But are they Blue Harvest? Absolutely not. Blue Harvest Podcast is the perfect Star Wars podcast for the person who wants information, humor, truth, and of course Star Wars. This is THE podcast for Star Wars fans.
"Patreon Subscriber"
Mr. 99 Patreon subscriber since October. Best Star Wars podcast out there, Hawes is a funny dude.
"Not bad"
Levetor Music
Pretty good podcast. The folks are super knowledgeable, so that’s cool. Maybe they could consider adding some fun into the mix, but other than that, good work